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Mostly asked – Selected – Popular job interview questions for law firms interviewing & recruiting solicitors, legal executives, paralegals and law students.

Important Law interview questions for hiring lawyers / law professionals for jobs in law firms and other organisations:
Below are the real questions asked by the interviewers in organisations for hiring solicitors, advocates, lawyers, law professionals, Legal process outsourcing sectors, LPO, paralegals, law students, legal executives and law traineers.
Law Placement Papers for fresher law degree holders – Latest Law Test Question Papers HR Interview Questions.

Tip: You should have a nicely written resume to increase your chance of getting hired by the employer of your choice. You can download some free sample CV / resumes for Law related jobs. Then you can customize it according to your needs or just use some good points in the sample resume.

Below are the most popular and useful Latest Law Interview Questions: See all the pages.


 At what position do you see yourselfi n the next five years?
 And in ten years?
 Tell me something about yourself.
 What do you consider yourself good at doing?
 What kind of person r u?
 Tell me about your main achievements?
 What do you think your strengths are?
 What are your weaknesses?
 What do you think about this job?
 Whats your way of doing things?
 How would you succeed in your objectives?
 How do you manage your day?
 What inspires you?What motivates you?
 How do you carry on without inspiration? 
 How many years did you work at your last job? 
 Why did you quit your last job?
 Do you think you have changed in the past five years? 
 How can you contribute to team building? 
 How will you manage if someone in your team hates you? 
 Have you gone through such a problem in your life? 
 How did you manage in such a case? 
 What would your peers say about you?

A nicely written resume always adds to your chance of getting hired by the employer of your choice. You can download some free sample CV / resumes for Law related jobs.

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