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Microsoft Mumbai Placement Test Paper: Candidate Experiences

There were four sections. All were separate.

Section I : English language test – 25 Questions- 20 Minutes.

It contained usual & easy english language questions like prepositions, articles, antonyms-synonyms etc. There were two paragraphs. One was about types of networks & another was about CGI scripting. There were questions questions asked from the paragraph. (comprehension type)

Section II : Mental Ability – 25 Questions – 30 Minutes

Questions related to union and intersection like like there r N no. of students in a class, S no. of
them passed in 3 subjects, T no. of them passed in 2 subjects & U no. of them passes in all subjects, what no. of students failed in all subjects.

Other types of questions related to Cubes. (painted from sides, then cut, then tell how many cubes have this colour, etc.)

Then the aptitude questions like + means -, etc. Then tell which of the multiple choices is true.

Some other easy ones..

Section III : Aptitude Test - 20 Questions – 20 Minutes

Some aptitude questions. Quite easy. Like distance finding, directions (a goes west, then north, etc.)

Section IV : Programming - 40 Questions – 30 Mins

U can choose either C & DFS paper or VB paper. I chose C & DFS.
Questions were lengthy and time was low. C questions were like find the output of the c program code. DFS questions topics were link list, array, queue & graph theory. This section demands proper knowledge of C & DFS and Graph theory.  See more microsoft placement papers and engineers / freshers test paper with hr technical interview questions.

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