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See TCS Placement Paper Verbal Section latest test paper questions.

You don’t need to remember the whole English language books for synonyms and antonyms. Just remember the synonyms and antonyms listed here in different TCS or other IT placement test question papers.

Cliche -trite, platitude, remark
* Muggy – hot, warm, humid
* Bouillon – A thin soup of meat or fish or vegetable stock, broth
* Incubate- Develop under favorable conditions, hatch, develop slowly
* Prolixity- verbose, wordiness
* Inclement –bad whether
* Misapprehension- misunderstanding, misconception
* Estrange –alienate, isolate, make unfriendly
* Predominant – main, major, principal
* Mawkish — over sentimental, mushy, over emotional
* Whimsical — capricious
* Conclusive — end, final, beyond question
* Awry — crooked, twisted
* Avid — enthusiastic, passionate, eager
* Fidelity — loyalty, faithfulness, trustworthy
* Transient — temporary, momentary
* Aplomb — self-confidence, confidence
* Acerbity– A sharp bitterness
* Tarry– linger, leave slowly, related to pitch
* Dollish-
* Mullet — several kinds of marine fish
* Godly– religious
* Ignominious — shameful, humiliating
* Hidebound –narrow-minded
* Reticence– shyness, uncommunicative
* Tantamount– the same as, identical
* Probate –official proving of a bill
* Misdemeanor- misbehavior
* Bombastic– pompous, pretentious
* Repellent– repulsive
* Tenacious — stubborn, obstinate
* Dangle– hang down, swing, suspend
* Ensue — result, follow

See more of the synonyms and antonyms in our TCS and other IT sections.

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