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Wipro Technical Interview Questions Collection:
Specific technical interview and written programming test questions:

The most popular languages are C, Java and C++.

1. How do you find the jth node from last node in a single linked list in one search only, if  i have not given you the length of the linked list?

2.What is the difference between call by value and call by reference?

3. What is the difference between the static and volatile variables?

4. What is a macro?

5. Write the gcd program?

6. Find the outputof the program (something like this)
i = printf(“hellow”); printf(“%d”,i);

7. What is register variable? What are the advantages of register variable?

8.#define a(a,b) a*b; printf(“%d”,a(2+3,2+3));

9. Define the following: avl tree, 2-3 tree, btree, bst? what is a balanced tree?

10. What is the Diffrence between tree to bt?

II) Personal HR Interview Questions:

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Tell in detail about your final semester project.
3. What are your favorite subjects? (Prepare in advance about this question)
4. Why do you want to join Wipro?
5. If you get any offer for higher studies, will you stick with wipro?
Dont worry much. THe guys are friendly enough. Answer questions in a cool manner.

III) A summary of what the Wipro IT guys ask you in the technical interview or HR interview:

1. About your final year project. They want to test your basic technical skills. Whether you are prepared enough to go through their training or not.
2) Why did you choose that project? Team effort, who was the leader, etc.
3) C and /C++ language questions and basic skills (They may ask you simple programs. They may give you some program and ask you to find the error or find out the output) You just have to make sure you are prepared about your project and have good basic knowledge of C and C++ Language when you are appearing for the Wipro or other IT Companies tech or HR interviews.
4) What is your favourite subject? (Then they may ask you a couple of questions from that subject)

Wipro Technical Interview Questions:

1) Explain about your project.
2) (Oracle question)Write a query in oracle. select the duplicate names in a table using (ename,empid)
3) About SQL
4) Some statements in oracle(DDL,DML,DCL,TCL) and explain them
5) Some statements in C language and C++
6) Whats the difference between C and C++
7) What is OOP or Object oriented programming, Tell about the features of OOps
8) What is a structure,
9) can 2 different machines in 2 different companies (eg. Wipro and Infosys) have same IP address?
Answer: yes two computers in different places or organisations can have same IP address if they have a subnet mask.
10) What isa grid in VB (Visual Basic) ? How does it differ from other tools?
11) What is a t-list in VB / Visual Basic?
12) What is ODBC, ADO, DAO.
13) Give some examples of RDBMS
14) What are different kinds of DBMS?what is database?
what is the function of JOIN?
15) What is LAN, WAN? 
LAN is local area network.
16) What does W in WLAN stand for?
WAN Stands for wide area network.
17) What is Linux, Unix? (not many questions about these operating systems. But then you do have to know the basics about these too)
18) In what way does Unix operating system differ from Windows
19) Where do we use Unix.
Unix finds widespread use in the multi-platform environments of colleges and universities. Unix operating systems are widely used in both servers and workstations

The Wipro guys are Checking your confidence, basic technical knowledge, asking basic questions in the interviews. You dont need to worry much as they are quite friendly.

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