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Wipro Placement Paper Written Test Section:  Objective Type / Multiple choice IT recruitment exam questions:

TECHNICAL SECTION ( 41-50) 41) Which of the following is not associated with magnetic memory? a) Sector b) Pit c) Track d) All of these

42) NASSCOM a) IT services Industry body b) Manufacturing Industry body c) Infrastructure Industry body d) None of the above

43) Which of the following is not a codec a) DiVX b) EVid c) FLAC d) XviD

44) Which of the following Chipmaker has designed Athlon? a) Intel b) Freescale c) AMD d) IBM

45) Which of the following is a formatted input function in ‘C’ a) getchar() b) getche() c) gets() d) None of these

46) Rank the following 4 items in terms of access speed: a) Main Memory b) Magnetic Disk c) Registers d) Cache A) 1,2,3,4 B) 1,3,4,2 C) 3,4,1,2 D) 3,1,4,2

47) What kind of a structure is a queue? a) First in First out b) First in last out c) First in middle out d) First in second last.

48) A Jazz drive is a separate drive. What is the storage space of Jazz drive a) 100KB b) 20-40 GB c) 1-2 GB d) 650 MB

49) Which of the following is doesn’t affect resolution of a video Display image? a) Bandwidth b) Raster Scan rate c) Vertical and Horizontal lines of resolution d) Screen size

50) Which of the following statement are applicable to LINUX? i) Multi-User and Multi-Tasking ii) Open Source OS iii) Developed at AT&T’s Bell Laboratory, USA A) ( i ) only B) ( ii ) only C) Both ( i) and ( ii ) D) ( i) , ( ii) and ( iii )

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