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Here are few sample questions from the HCL Technologies placement test held at Noida – UP on 7th January 2005

1) 2 numbers, 1 larger than the other are such that the larger one is 1/10 larger than the reciprocal of the smaller number. The smaller 1 is such that it is 1/24 larger than the reciprocal of the larger 1. Find the larger 1.

2) There are 10 stations between A and B stations, both inclusive. All these stations provide tickets to every other station. Return tickets have to be bought separately. Find the total numbers of different tickets.

3) There were certain number of marbles with Ajay. He gave 1 to anita. Then gave the half of what was left to amita. Gave 1 to rati. Then 2/3 of what was left to sameer. Then half of what was left to sagar. He gave three to the beggar and was left with 1. What is the minimum number of marbles he had initially.

There were 3 sections in the whole of the paper. 1 section with 20 questions was there. There was a section entirely dedicated to aptitude questions.

A sample paragraph in the hcl question paper was: 

1) A,B,C,D,E,F are six friends living on a 6 storied building where the lowest floor was the ground. All of them live in separate floors each not in the order given above. A is on the 3rd floor. D is always above A. The difference of floors between E and B is 3. B is below D.

Questions from the paragraph (english comprehension)

Q) Who is on the 6th floor?

Q) How many different sets of living arrangements can we have based on above facts?Total ques in this section were also 20.

The next section was English which had 2 small passages and 2 questions.

Other questions were
i) parajumbles

ii) Fill in the blanks (general usage one)

iii) Choose the correct phrase that could replace the underlined phrase in given sentences

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