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Here are some sample placement paper aptitude questions for the Polaris Software India campus test held in 2007. See related latest Polaris software placement papers 2008.

Sample Aptitude Questions:

A mixture of contains milk n water in ratio 5:7.. another in ratio 4:6 now u got a mix these in such a way that milk to water raio is 2:1

There r two discounts .. x% and y % on the costprice of an item.. what is the selling price..

A, b , c can do a piece of work in 5 days. a and b in some days , b and c in some days etc etc … question is who is the fastest amongthe three.. n the answer is A

If x is an odd number then which of the following is odd
a . 2x+1 b ..2x+2 like wise answer is d. this was the first question

A man purchases 4 mangoes for rs 3. sells them at 6 for rs 5. what is the profit or loss percentage.

There r two marriage groups .. red n brown no two individuals from the same group can marry each other if a guy marries a gal of any group the guy’s group becomes that of the gal the children have the same group as their parents now based upon thse facts there were some questions like.. if there is a girl is of red group .. then what can you say about her grandfather ….etc e

How many 3 digits number are there in which 1st n last digit is 2.

How many minimum socks u gotta take from a bag containing 20 red and 20 blue. so that 2 red socks come out

english Vocabulary questions – there were 10 analogies related questions.

doggeredel:poet and vindicate:mercy

Polaris Software Technical Interview Questions
C, C++ language related, file related questions for cse, it, ece students
Tell me about yourself?

Do you know c and c++?

Write a program to swap to no s with and without using a third variable

Tell us about your project?

What was your role?

Difference between calloc() and malloc()

Difference between stack and heap, when are they used?

Can you deallocate memory of a null pointer?

Why do you want to shift from present job?

What projects did you handle in your job?

Technology used in your projects?

Explain how a stack is used during function calls?

Can a parent function access values of a child function?

What are attribute of a file?

How is a file accessed?

what does the file pointer return?

What is FILE?

fgetc and fputc?

What is your preference of job location?

What are Link lists ?

What is FREE used for ?

How to delete variables that are dynamically allocated?

These were the technical / tech interview questions.

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