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Perot Systems Campus Placement Exam on 17th February 2007 at Chitkara Engineering College, Chandigarh


The test process and pattern is explained below. It consisted of three rounds.

1. Aptitude test

2. Technical Interview

3. HR Interview


Aptitude test consisted of two sections:

1. General aptitude

There are further 4 sections in this test

1. 10 questions of series   1 mark each.

2. 10 questions of data sufficiency   2 marks each

3. 15 questions of time and work, ages, etc  3 marks each

4. 10 questions of c programming language, c++ (flowcharts, etc.)   5 marks each


2. English Section:

The perot systems english test section was easy. There were 25 questions and a sectional cutoff is there too.


In the technical interview, the most popular questions were about C language, |C++|, dbms, data structures – DS and other basic IT, CSE branch subjects.

Some tech is also there in the HR interview part. There are the normal ones like about yourself and other hr. See the other sample interview papers here for details.

The perot systems package was 2.8 lacs. Its good. See other Perot and IT sample test questions here. Be prepared. Good luck..

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