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An art teacher must connect with the entire culture of the school. This is what the Interview committees and principals are looking for in an art teacher during the art teaching job interview, so it’s time to sharpen up your teacher interview techniques.
An art teacher must inspire the students to create beautiful artwork and can effectively manage the entire class. An art teacher must be able to teach the students to bring about their creativity on a piece of drawing paper or in just about any other activity related to art.
Interview Tips For Art Teacher:
An Art Teacher must be prepared to answer all the common interview questions and the situational interview questions which are often asked by the Interview Panel of the school.
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Some common, general teacher Art teacher Interview Questions are:

-  Tell us something about yourself.
-  What are your strengths?
-  What are your weaknesses?
-  How do you combine technology with your teaching?
-  How do you handle the needs of special education students?
-  Questions regarding your communication with parents.

Quite often, the art teachers are asked more specialized questions in the interview, and you will need to rely on your teaching interview skills. Below are few commonly asked interview questions.

1. Describe some ways you present and display student work throughout the school and the community.

2. Show us some pictures of your work as an artist.

3. Why do you think art is an important part of a child’s education?

4. Describe your classroom management philosophy. What would you do when you find a kid to be off-task, unmotivated, or not participating in a lesson?

5. How can you connect your activities in the art room into lessons taught within other subject areas?

6. Art is an elective subject. How will you promote student interest in your courses?
7. How can you make the most of a small budget for art supplies?

8. Describe some of the previous art projects your students have loved.
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