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For Complete training and Sample Practice Questions for the ISEE & SSAT Test, I recommend “PrivateSchoolexam” Ebook.

The ebook “PrivateSchoolExam” will provide you complete training and sample practise test questions. You will be 100% prepared after studying this guide. There are interactive and detailed video lessons in the ebook which your child will actually enjoy. Your child will definitely achieve a lot better score in the ISEE Test.


Here is what you get after immediate online access to PrivateSchoolExam

  • Step by Step Techniques for writing a perfect essay that will impress the school selection comittee. 
  • Hundreds of interactive sample practice questions for the ISEE and SSAT Test. You get immediate online access to all the sample practice test questions.
  • You get eight hours of instructor directed learning by test preparation tutors. This constitutes 20 online video lessons.
  • Completely detailed answers so that your child will understand each and every concept in his mind.
  • Expert tutorials, advice, discussion and hundreds of solved sample practice test questions on Math, Reading Comprehension, Analogies, Synonyms, Sentence Completion and Vocabulary.
  • Exclusive sample test preparation materials developed by PrivateSchoolExam team.
  • Time management techniques that will enable your child to answer more questions quickly and correctly.
  • Unlimited access for an entire year (24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year). Your child can access all the materials for an entire year. No need to pay hundreds of dollars to a tutor.
  • Hundreds of vocabulary / synonyms for practice. 
  • Hundreds of questions which have appeared in previous ISEE and SSAT Tests.
  • Risk Free Money back Guarantee by PrivateSchoolExam.

Be assured that after studying the easy to understand videos and other sample materials provided by PrivateSchoolExam, your child will definitely achieve a high score and be able to get admission into the school of your choice.

You can email me. I appreciate your feedback. Keep emailing me any questions or suggestions. See various other free to download sample test questions papers with answers and free preparation material online here.


Don’t know what ISEE is? Read about ISEE at Wikipedia.

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