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Synopsis Placement Paper

Synopsis Freshers Recruitment Exam 2008

Some of the questions are given below. The questions aren’t difficult but you need to see these previous questions once.
1. The grammer for A, B, S is given below.

possible ans is xy|xy

2. In a n*n matrix , there are non zero numbers in diagonal side and the either side of the diagonal. If represented in one dimensional array, assign the values which are non zeros.
Find out the relation with i,j iteration and the linear array.
like a[2*(i-1)+j]
3. A question in which the Pre-order of some letters is given. You have to find the post-order

4. A program is provided below:

return (1);
return ((fun(n-1)*fun(n-2));

Find out the order of complexity of this program

Ans: N(2^n) (please check)


6.  Find out the results of the below program if a and b are provided

a=a XOR b;
b=a XOR b;
a= a XOR b;

Ans: a
8. If the voltage is cut by half and the frequency is made twice and capacitance is also cut by half, Then how does the CMOS Power change

Dynamic power is 1/2 *C*f*V^2

9. Two dimensional arrays are given. Which one is better and why?

a) for(i=0;i<1000;i++)

b) for(j=0;j<1000;j++)

10. Find out the area of a hexagon. 1 unit side

Answer:  3*(sqrt(3))/2

11. In a chess board, in how many ways can we traverse from one corner to another right and down? The question isn’t clear.

Answer:  C(16,8) or (16!/(8!*8!))

12. Tick the below which can biparate (graph theory)

1)tree 2)forest of trees 3) evencycle graph 4) odd cycle graph

ans is 1,2,3

13. SRAM is shown with 1k *4 bits. How many such SRAMS are needed to design  16K of one byte.

Answer: 32 SRAMS and one 4 to 16 decoder

14. Two persons enter in a room between 5 to 6 AM
Find out the probability that the two enter in a gap of exactly 10 minutes.
15. What is the largest and lowest number of levels for N nodes in a binary tree?

Highest – N

Lowest – log(N+1)base2

16. Represent 3 and -3 in base -2 form taking two states (0,1) only

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