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View Telecom – Telecommunications sample technical interview questions with answers for ECE electronics and communication engineering job interview or written placement test.

Which software is used by a PC to pretend as a computer terminal?

Explain the kind of signaling used between two exchanges.

Which frequency is used to sample VOICE?

What is the biggest decimal number accomodated in a single byte?

What is a Kernel?

What voltage is necessary in subscriber loop connected to local exchange?

Where are the conditional results stored after the instruction is executed in a microprocessor?

What is the function of a Program Counter in a microprocessor?

To what is the memory allocated for variables?

What do you understand by TCSM?

What is the importance of CPG message?

What is the necessity of ISUP protocol?

In what order are different function parameters pushed into the stack?

How many channels are there in 2MB PCM – pulse code modulation ?

How is a data packet transmitted using a datagram?

What do you understand by the buffering process?

How many seconds does 1 satellite hop take in voice communication?

What do you understand by SS7?

Define a matrix.

How many satellite hops can be there in voice communication?

At suitable RF Conditions, what is the best RX and Tx Power?

What do you understand by Word alignment?

What happens when a non maskable interrupt interrupts a processor?

Use of SET Header APi

How does the sipserver set the value of Allow header field set by set header api?

If there are x number of digital telephones operating at 64kbps, what is the number of T1 facilities needed by the company between the PSTN and its office?

These were some telecom related questions for tech interview or job placement exam.

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