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Here are the important questions asked in Test Automation Technical Interview.

What part of testing would you automate for a project?
What are major difficulties in test automation.
Give examples of testing tools used during the software development life cycle.
Discuss the important attributes of test automation.
Advantages of test automation.

Discuss some problems you have had with automatic testing tools.

Which skills are required by a test automator.
Describe some scripting techniques for test automation.

Discuss the limitations of automating testing tools.
How do you decide about a good tool for test automation.
Explain the difference between stress testing, load testing and volume testing.
Method to test color using winrunner.
What do you understand by black box testing?
Limitations of automatic testing.
Say something about email testing.
How can you check the font size and style in a program where the code is not accessible.
How do you estimate a test automation project.
Is it possible to solely rely on automatic testing?
Explain the planning process for test automation.
How to find that tools work well with your existing system?

Explain the difference between QTP and winrunner
Explain the various modes – verify mode, debug mode and update mode.
How do we peform back end testing using sql scripts for verification of data integrity.
Describe the automation life cycle.
Give the various properties of functional testing.

Explain the difference between GUI checkpoint and synchronization.
Method to find someone’s password using winrunner.
Which naming convention have you adhered to while naming the automated test scripts.
Explain the different checkpoints used in rational robot.
Explain the difference between different winrunner versions 7.6 to 8.0 to 8.2
Where is the script stored when we record it in analog mode?
Explain the automation testframe work.
How do we use the concept of code reusability here
Why do we prefer writing codes in TSL than using the recorder to record the steps?
Presence of more than 1 exception in winrunner.
Have you ever worked on an automated test script. Give an example.
Explain the difference between quality assurance and testing.
What are the major difficulties during testing applications on difference Operating systems and browsers.
Discuss the main attributes of test automation.
What do you mean by data driven automation?
What are buffer overflows?
Describe configuration management.
What do you understand by memory leaks?
What is the reason for presence of bugs in software?
Explain the difference between GUI map and GUI map file.
How can we determine whether there is a severe memory leakage?
What are the difficulties you have had with automatic testing tools.
Explain the difference between GUI checkpoint and synchronization.

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