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There are so many questions that can be addressed to you in a teaching job interview that it would take forever to list all the possibilities. However, there are some interview questions for teachers that repeatedly pop up, and it is beneficial to have the spirit of an answer to call on at all times, if not the exact verbatim answer. Some of the most common interview questions for teachers, and tips on answering them, are as follows. Recommends you to Download Teacher Interview Preparation Guide. Our readers have found it out to be the most exhaustive teacher interview guide. Highly recommended for success!

Sample Interview Questions For Teacher Interviews

  • What made you decide to become a teacher? It is a good idea to answer this one as honestly as possible. Bad answers include “the salary” (there are much better salaries available in any case) and “the holidays” (this demonstrates a flippant attitude). A command of the subject you teach, and a thirst to educate are personal qualities which should feature in your answer.
  • What do you see yourself doing in ten years? Questions like this will turn up in a majority of teacher job interviews. You may have ambitions which lie outside teaching, or in teaching elsewhere. You don’t have to lie here, but naturally your interests will be best served by offering up the prospect that you’ll be teaching in the same school ten years hence. This is one of the trickier interview questions for teachers, as they have to balance loyalty to the school with ambition for themselves.
  • What is your attitude to classroom discipline? It is obviously vitally important, but what the panel wants to know is how you plan to ensure that rules are followed. You have to strike a balance between being clear on the importance of discipline while being careful not to come across as draconian.
  • Do you have any questions you would like to ask us? This sounds like a simple, easy way to round off an interview, but depending on your teaching interview skills it can actually be the difference between you getting the job and not getting it. If you just say “no, I can’t think of any” it almost sounds like you can take or leave the job. Think of something. Ask them something that flatters the school. If you’re totally stuck, say “I was going to ask … but you’ve already covered it admirably, thank you.”

Interview questions for teacher jobs can be divided into several sub-categories. There are questions about you as a person, about you as a teacher, about teaching in general and more besides. The breadth of questions you may be asked presents a lot of prospective teachers with an interesting quandary – “Do I read a long list of Sample Interview Questions for Teachers, or do I practice answers to generic questions?”. There is no way you can cover all of the questions you might be asked, there are too many variables – but you can predict with some accuracy the ones you are most likely to be asked.

Interview Questions For Teachers: Predicting The Interview

The subject you are planning to teach features highly in a list of potential interview questions for teachers. If there is a hot topic currently surrounding that subject it is worth extra preparation for a question on that. You are likely to be asked at least one question that is about the school. These can be tricky interview questions for teachers, as they need to show they have a knowledge of and admiration for the school without sounding sycophantic. It is best, overall, to read a long list of interview questions for teachers and focus on the ones which are most likely for you.

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