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Teacher Interview QuestionsBecoming a secondary or primary school teacher requires you to go through a lot of challenging steps. From the moment you decide to become a teacher to the moment you get your first job there will be several potential pitfalls, and it will be someone with great personal qualities who manages to get from one end of the process to the other without any rejection, false hope or self-doubt. However, the daunting nature of the process is never better symbolised than in the interview. Interview tips for teachers are an essential boost to any applicant’s teaching interview skills, and can be the difference between getting the job and not getting it. Recommends you to Download “Teacher Interview Preparation Guide”. Our readers have found it out to be the most exhaustive teacher interview guide. Highly recommended for success!

  • Don’t let an early mistake shatter your confidence. You may fumble an answer to a question, but don’t let that affect the following teacher interview answers. Rescue it with one of the classic interview tips for teachers. Take a breath, say “What I meant to say was…” and answer with conviction. A sound recovery can be even better than a smooth answer.
  • Respond, don’t present. You clearly know enough to have got a teaching job interview at the school. The interview panel are well aware of your intellect and your achievements. Don’t go all out to prove that you are a genius – they are more interested in getting a sense of you as a teacher. One of the best interview tips for teachers is to be natural.
  • Avoid use of buzzwords. A lot of people think jargon and buzzwords demonstrate a strong, innate knowledge of the subject on which they are speaking. All they actually demonstrate is a strong, innate knowledge of jargon and buzzwords. If you want to be a primary school teacher, sounding like a marketing clone will not do you much good. Of all the most important interview tips for teachers, showing natural intelligence is right at the top.
  • Make eye contact when speaking. When you are speaking, it is important to make eye contact to demonstrate that you are aware of your audience and that an interaction is taking place. Holding people’s attention is right up there in terms of instructional skills. However, of almost equal importance is that you do not make eye contact when thinking. In any list of interview tips for teachers, “don’t creep the panel out” has to feature highly.
  • Dress seriously but not severely. You want to convince the interview panel that you are a serious individual who will be trustworthy in a classroom setting. You do not want to convince them that your true calling is as an undertaker. If you are wondering what to wear for teacher interview then “sober but human” is a good start.

Interview Tips For Teachers Who Have Just Qualified

If you are a newly qualified teacher, you may find that you are too keen to impress, and that interview panels do not react as you would hope to your enthusiasm. Remember back to your teacher training interview, and then dial down the enthusiasm just a notch. Natural enthusiasm is fine, but it is important to demonstrate competence. Many lists of interview tips for teachers will include a tip that suggests you smile at the panel as much as possible. In fact, it is better to keep a certain amount of professional seriousness. One of the best interview tips for teachers is to try and act as though you are already working as a teacher – be friendly, but don’t be day-glo.

No matter what you do, how much preparation you put in, you will have some nerves, and perhaps the most important tip, the one which would be at #1 in any list of interview tips for teachers is this: It’s okay to be nervous. It shows you care, and want the job.

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