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Music Teacher Interview QuestionsTeaching any subject is a difficult job – indeed there are many who liken it to a vocation more than a job per se. Teaching a subject like music is, for many people, a further vocation because it involves teaching something that is more practical than theoretical – some people are unable to ever display any musical talent no matter how much they try. Music teacher interview questions will therefore take account of this difference in seeking to find out how the teacher will deliver the best music classes possible. Showing that you are able to get people to connect with your subject is the challenge in most music teacher interview questions and answers that you give. Recommends you to Download “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide to find out the Secret to Getting A High Paying & Respectable Teaching Job Anywhere.

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Sample Music Teacher Interview Questions

It is worth pointing out that although the subject is markedly different and the requirements of a teacher somewhat removed, the fact is that a music teacher is still a teacher, and the panel will want to know that you are able to think like a teacher. Just as in PE teacher interviews, you need to show you have what it takes. Handling class discipline, teaching philosophy and other matters are as prominent in a music teacher’s role as in any other teaching job. Music teacher interview questions are, therefore, not especially different in the main from other secondary teacher interview questions – with the exception of the few specific music-related questions. A typical breakdown might go something like this.

  • Why did you choose to teach this subject? You love music, and want to give this gift to as many individuals as possible. You feel that you are well-positioned to demonstrate and communicate the intricacies of the subject. Such music teacher interview questions, and their answers, are perhaps not substantially different from those in a Science teacher interview.
  • What is your education philosophy? This is, again, a question that will crop up in most interviews for teachers in any subject, in any school. In the context of music teacher interview questions, an appropriate response might be “To allow all pupils the best opportunity to discover and enhance a musical talent”. In an art teacher interview it would be more about enabling pupils to find their inner artist
  • What are your views on classroom discipline? This question, too is asked in most interviews, regardless of subject – and yet, for a music teacher, there is a difference in how you might address it. Considering that your subject is one in which some amount of noise and free expression is largely welcomed, this should inform your answer to music teacher interview questions like this.
  • What relevance do you think the subject of Music has in people’s lives? This is a music-specific question – roughly ten to twenty percent of music teacher interview questions may take this line. This is where the speciality is relevant to your instructional skills, and where you can express yourself from the point of view of a teacher of music. Say what you feel – talk about how it allows people to express themselves, how it provides a wonderful backdrop to pleasant experiences – or whatever you feel most strongly.

It is more important to justify your answers than it is to give a specific by the book response to music teacher interview questions. Of all interview tips for teachers, this one is paramount: you may well have the same experience, grades, opinions and techniques as ten other teachers, but if you verbalise them better you will get the job. Answers to music teacher interview questions, just like other subjects, are better for being considered.

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