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Nursery Teacher Interview QuestionsThe teaching job interview is arguably the major focus of any recruitment and selection program, and how you get through it is focal to your chances of getting the job. This is particularly true of teaching – at all levels from nursery to secondary teacher interview – and nursery teacher interview questions can be every bit as searching as those asked of qualified teachers at all levels. Although it may not be what they learn in their earliest stages of education that makes someone successful in later life, it can be what sets them off on the right road before they diversify at a later age into separate subjects like Science or Math. Nursery teacher interview questions will take account of your instructional skills. Recommends you to Download “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide to find out the Secret to Getting A High Paying & Respectable Teaching Job Anywhere.

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Sample Nursery Teacher Interview Questions

Although naturally the subjects and issues dealt with at nursery level are less complicated than those in primary teacher interviews, this does not mean that any teacher at any level could walk in and be a nursery teacher. It is very much the contrary, in fact. Nursery teacher interview questions will be different from those asked at a primary teacher interview, but no less challenging – and they still require preparation. A nursery teacher has different responsibilities and different key goals, but the importance of their job is still clear, and nursery teacher interview questions will seek to assess their personal qualities and capabilities.

There will, of course, be similarity in all teaching interview questions – with regard to reasons for becoming a teacher and the importance of education in particular – but there will be different questions and different focuses as well.

  • What made you decide to become a nursery teacher? The stereotypical reply would usually be “Well, I just love kids!”, but this is not really a sufficient answer. Among interview tips for teachers, this is one that holds true at all levels. Your answer should deal with the importance of communicating basic skills which will help a child advance to primary school and build their skills base. The most common of nursery teacher interview questions, this will help you underline your credentials.
  • What do you think are the most important aspects of nursery teaching? At nursery level, children are still very malleable, educationally. A motivated and tenacious teacher at this level with technology and planning skills can send them on to primary school with a head for education. You should underline how you see nursery school as a first step on a long road. Emphasizing the importance of this is important when answering nursery teacher interview questions.
  • What are your views on classroom discipline? It is obvious that this question will be asked of primary and secondary teachers, but at nursery level it still matters. Children act up, even at this stage, and if you can instil good behavioral qualities in them this early on you will give them an excellent chance of settling in well at primary level. Use your answers to nursery teacher interview questions to talk up the importance of a good nursery education.

Your teacher interview answers matter. Although there will no doubt be people who debate the importance of nursery education, the truth of the matter is that it is most children’s first experience of a classroom environment. The stereotype may be of comfort blankets and cuddly toys, but it is education nonetheless, and by paying heed to this in your answers to nursery teacher interview questions, you can show your worth as a potential teacher.

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