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PE Teacher Interview QuestionsBecoming a teacher is something that many people dream of, setting it out as their ideal job even when you take into account how difficult teacher job interviews can be. And for many people, the most popular subject at school is Physical Education – so it is no surprise that a lot of people want to become PE teachers. PE teacher interview questions are different from the usual questions in teaching interviews, because the subject is so different from others. Unlike the classroom-based subjects, PE is one which takes place in a larger arena – among other differences. PE teacher interview questions and answers will therefore necessarily be different from the usual. Recommends you to Download “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide to learn How Candidates are succeeding in getting high paying and respectable teaching jobs.

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Sample PE Teacher Interview Questions

  • What makes you think you will be a good PE Teacher? In answer to this question you will need to touch on the physical side of things – demonstrating the fitness to keep a class lively as well as the instructional skills. This is the most common of all the PE teacher interview questions. A good answer will give you confidence.
  • What do you seek to achieve within the educational year? A standard, and one of the most common interview questions. As far as the syllabus goes, this may be pre-decided. If you can say that you intend to improve the performance of every pupil in your classes, then you will be well on the way to answering one of the most challenging PE teacher interview questions.
  • How would you defend a PE budget against threatened cutbacks? It is not uncommon for a school to be asked to make cuts in its budget, and PE is invariably one of the places they’ll look. The same question will often occur in Art teacher interviews. This is one of the more challenging PE teacher interview questions – you’ll need to justify each part of the syllabus and explain how it will stay within a budget.
  • How would you cope with the expansion of the PE syllabus? There was a time when PE classes mostly featured around track and field and circuit training. Now they have diversified, they test technology and planning skills and you will need to prove that you can adapt. PE teacher interview questions like this challenge you as a teacher.
  • People look at PE as being nothing more than a filler subject – tell me why they’re wrong. The statement in the question is true, a lot of people simply don’t think of PE as education at all. You will know that it is, but putting that knowledge into words is important for answering PE teacher interview questions like this.

The questions above and others are diverse, and show why you will need to display a range of teaching interview skills to answer PE teacher interview questions. For many PE teachers, their heart is out there on the sports field, but you will need to demonstrate the ability to shift back to the office. PE teaching vacancies come up more often than other subjects, but they may favor younger applicants. If you feel that the field will be largely younger than you, demonstrate with your responses to PE teacher interview questions that what you may lose in age you make up for in personal qualities. By so doing you can win a position you’ve dreamed about.

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