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Teacher Interview QuestionsBeing a PE teacher is a very different challenge to most other teaching roles as a secondary or primary school teacher. As a largely physical subject, PE is one which will have different demands and different rewards, but is nonetheless very much encouraged and enjoyed by authorities, parents and pupils. If you have been invited for a PE teacher interview, you need to put across some of the enthusiasm for the subject that you had when you were at school, and show that you are ready to teach a subject which remains year-in, year-out one of the most popular subjects at any school. A PE teacher interview is and the end of the day similar in at least one way to a Science teacher interview – it is a great opportunity to show your keenness to teach. Recommends you to Download “Teacher Job Interview Secrets” Guide. Our readers have found it out to be the most exhaustive teacher interview guide. Highly recommended for success!

How A PE Teacher Interview Differs

If you are a teacher of French, you can very easily demonstrate your instructional skills for the subject and the job by talking of subject elements in the way you would address them in a classroom. A PE teacher interview is different because as a subject PE is considerably more physically expressive than French, and different from other subjects too. In order to impress the panel at a PE teacher interview you may need to express physical concepts in a verbal way – and this is something that will test your teaching interview skills.

PE teachers will often double up as sports coaches at a school – particularly a smaller school. Showing an enthusiasm for taking on one of these roles will demonstrate good personal qualities certainly help your case if you are hoping to be the successful PE teacher interview candidate. But it is wise not to assume that just saying you’ll be happy to coach will get you the job. Chances are, the panel will include someone with an input on that exact sport, and you will need to demonstrate that you have a good command of coaching techniques. If you can do this, you will score high marks.

PE Teacher Interview Questions

The questions for a PE teacher interview are likely to be considerably different than those for another subject – that is, more different than they would be between an English teacher interview and a Maths teacher, even though those subjects are hugely different in themselves. Being prepared for this will be a lot easier if you specifically study lists of  questions for PE teacher interviews. You will need to demonstrate different skills than another teacher might, too. However, it will typically be the case that you need to demonstrate these verbally rather than visually, so preparation for this is essential.

A PE teacher interview may also feature questions on whether you have a qualification in a second subject. The typical school will usually seek to have PE teachers who are under a certain age, and if you are able to teach another subject it is likely to be beneficial that you can stay on in that role once you reach that age.

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