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Primary Teacher InterviewFrom the outside, from the point of view of a person who has never taught and not paid much attention to the technicalities of the job, it may seem that being a primary teaching is easier than any other teaching job. And yet even becoming a primary school teacher is not that easy, as any glance at a list of primary school teacher interview questions will show you. The job itself is not easier than teaching in a secondary school – the knowledge is different and more generalized, but the job depends on communicating it to a class who have a different lexicon from you. Primary teacher interview questions are designed to test you on this. Recommends you to Download “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide to find out the Secret to Getting A High Paying & Respectable Teaching Job Anywhere.

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Sample Primary School Teacher Interview Questions

Giving the right answer to an interview question really is not about the exact words you say. There will be little variation between two teacher interview answers to a question on the importance of homework. It is how you back up your answers to primary school teacher interview questions that really matters. The following sample questions and answer tips will help you:

  • Why did you choose to become a primary school teacher? It is entirely permissible to answer “I thought it would be more fun than secondary school teaching” – as long as you go on to reason that learning should be fun, and a teacher who gets into the swing of things can often help pupils learn better – one of the most valued instructional skills. This is one of the stock primary school teacher interview questions.
  • How have things changed since you were a primary school pupil? Education is a constantly changing sector, and of course things have changed since you attended primary school – in being able to answer this question accurately, you will demonstrate that you understand what is expected of a modern primary school teacher and have a level of preparation. The intent behind many primary school teacher interview questions is to find out how you will acclimatize to the job.
  • How do you see yourself connecting with primary school pupils? Of all the possible interview questions for teachers, this is one of the more left-field. When you were a kid, did you think of adults as gods, or as funny-looking, bigger kids who were a bit boring? There is probably a fairly even division between the two categories – and it can be hard to deal with kids finding you a bit odd. A lot of primary school teacher interview questions are designed to see how you would deal with a situation.

Primary School Teacher Interview Questions And Their Intent

Often primary school teacher interview questions are not designed to find out what you know in terms of “book knowledge”, but to test your teaching interview skills. What you need more than anything when teaching in a primary school is the ability to communicate, and this is something you can demonstrate in the answers you give to primary school teacher interview questions. Preparing for teacher interview means taking time to hone this skill. When you are sat across from an interview panel, you can show how well you communicate to a specific audience, and by demonstrating the fact that you know the importance of communication, you can answer the most important primary school teacher interview questions.

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