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Primary teaching interview questions and answersYou could have a long conversation on the topic of which stage of a person’s education is the most important. The argument for primary school is that it is here that you really begin to specialize in different subjects – and primary teachers prepare the ground for the still more specialized secondary level. In this spirit, primary teaching interview questions will differ slightly from those asked at a secondary teaching interview – and yet the interview process is still more similar than it is different. Like their secondary equivalent, primary teaching interview questions are designed to make sure that the candidate has the determination and instructional skills to provide an excellent education to the students in their charge. Recommends you to Download “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide to ace the interview where hundreds of candidates compete for the same teaching job.

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Typical Primary Teaching Interview Questions

The nature of questions asked in a teaching interview is fairly standardized across the different stages of education. In primary teaching interview questions, as in secondary and nursery teacher interview questions, your job will be to demonstrate that you have a sound philosophy on teaching an education. You will be asked a number of questions about general education, and the way that you make your points will demonstrate two things: that you have given education a lot of thought, and that you are able to make a point well and have the personal qualities to make yourself understood – a necessity for a teacher. Primary teaching interview questions are multi-level in many ways.

Below are some examples of primary teaching job interview questions which are worth studying.

  • What made you decide to become a teacher? Most of us have a moment of realization – but it may have been gradual for you. The key thing to remember when preparing for teaching interview is that the interview panel want to hear that you feel teaching is an important job, and you consider yourself equipped to do it. In primary teaching interview questions as well as their secondary equivalent, it is vital to underline both the importance of the job and your ability to make sure it’s done right.
  • Why did you decide to teach at primary level? Although some people feel that the older the pupils get, the harder teaching is, this is not borne out by facts. While higher levels of education are certainly more specialized, the children there are more educationally advanced and are more ready to specialize – because of the education they have had before. Answering primary teaching interview questions like this, it is vital to underline that you agree primary education is incredibly important.
  • What is your view on classroom discipline? It is important here to mention that you think discipline is best aided by a class full of children who are keen to learn. As well as this, you do need to show that you realize children will occasionally misbehave, and that you can deal with this in the right way. Make mention that you will act within the school policy. If you show that you are a team player in answering primary teaching interview questions, it is better for you.

These and other primary teaching interview questions will give you the opportunity to put on show your credentials as a teacher, as well as showing your qualities as a person. This opportunity should be taken, and if you can take it – as well as studying sample teacher interview questions you should be well-positioned to get the job.

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