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Science Teacher InterviewTeaching job interviews are a tricky process for a difficult vocation – becoming a successful teacher often means that you leave aside the prospect of earning more elsewhere and concentrate on giving other people the same bug for your subject that you had as a pupil. Science is one of the more divisive subjects in a school – you’re either good at it or bad. In a Science teacher interview, perhaps even more so than as a Physical Education teacher you will need to convince the panel that you as a teacher can get more kids on the “good” side of the fence by making the subject speak to them. Put across your love of your subject in a Science teacher interview and the panel may well trust you to show your instructional skills in the classroom. Recommends you to Download “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide to find out the Secret to Getting A High Paying & Respectable Teaching Job Anywhere.

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Science Teacher Interview Questions

You will need to have sound answers for the teaching job interview questions you are asked, and planning ahead can see you becoming one of the best performers in a Science teacher interview. Most of the questions will deal with simple teaching issues which are transferable, but there will be some which differ. A typical example of the progression of secondary teacher interview questions in a Science teacher interview will go as follows:

  • How would you keep students interested during a double or triple period class? This is one of the more common interview questions for teachers, particularly a Science teacher interview. What they want to know is how you will stop the class from dragging in the middle or towards the end – keeping the students from losing concentration.
  • Why did you choose to become a Science teacher? All teaching interviews ask a variation on this question. The same question will be asked in an Art teacher interview too. Essentially, they are judging whether you have the correct vision which is expected of a teacher. For a Science teacher interview an appropriate answer might be “So many of the major advances in our society are thanks to Science – it’s an important subject to me, and I want the pupils to find it important too”.
  • What were your Science teachers like? This is a way of finding out what you learned from your Science classes and how you would transfer it to your own teaching – and how those teachers influenced you in terms of technology and planning skills. Don’t be uncomplimentary here in a Science teacher interview, as there is an excellent chance that one of the interviewers will have known a teacher you had.
  • What would you be doing if you were not teaching Science? You’d be using Science in another job – consider your speciality. Maybe you would be working as a chemist, or a plant biologist. In a Science teacher interview they want to see that science is in your heart.

Other Things To Note For A Science Teacher Interview

It is important to strike the right balance in terms of your tone. To convince as a teacher you need to be capable of real seriousness and also able to connect with the pupils – so showing the panel at a Science teacher interview that you can be approachable while also maintaining classroom discipline is important. Your bearing in the interview room should reflect this – be genial without being too casual.

Getting pass marks in a Science teacher interview will rely on your ability to show that you have the personal qualities to be a teacher, and the knowledge to be an expert in your subject. Projecting this impression is vital.

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