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Teacher Assistant InterviewsEarly in a prospective teaching career, it is important to get as much classroom experience under your belt as you possibly can. Whatever the subject you are planning to teach for a career, whether you want to teach Spanish or become a Physical Education teacher, it is handy to go through the ranks and pick up tips as you go along. Before becoming a teacher in their own right, a lot of educators like to work as a classroom assistant. A teacher assistant interview is not unlike a full teaching job interview – but the interview panel will ask some different questions. In this case it’s not all about them wanting to find out what you know – but also what you want to learn. A teaching assistant interview is a challenge all of its own. Recommends you to Download “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide to find out the Secret to Getting A High Paying & Respectable Teaching Job Anywhere.

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What A Teacher Assistant Interview Panel Wants To Know

As a potential classroom assistant, there is more than one dynamic for you to be concerned with. There is a dynamic between you and the class, which is different from that between the class and a secondary or primary school teacher, and there is also the teacher-assistant dynamic. Being able to deal with this cycle is important, and the teacher assistant interview panel will want to know that you can deal with this. There are some key teacher assistant interview tips to follow.

  • Convince them you can handle a crowd of students. Many teaching assistants find their role at a university, assisting a lecturer or a tutor rather than a teacher, but much of the help you can get is identical to interview tips for teachers. In this case, you will find that you as a teaching assistant are little older than the students themselves, and some people find it hard to be in this role. The teacher assistant interview panel will want to know you can handle this.
  • Show them the job means something to you. There are some people who believe that a position as a teaching assistant is simply something that lets a graduate continue their student years – with the added incentive of earning a wage. Sometimes teaching assistants need to work long hours – and are depended upon by tutors, so you’ll need to convince the teacher assistant interview panel that you have personal qualities which can be relied upon.
  • Demonstrate responsibility. If you had a job before you went for this position, then it is beneficial to be able to show how you handled responsibilities and duties in that job. Mainly, the teacher assistant interview panel want to know that you are punctual, will contribute to good classroom discipline and able to follow a job description. If you can demonstrate a devotion to education on top of that, then you’ll be doing well.

Sample Teacher Assistant Interview Questions

You will be asked different questions to those that will be asked in teacher job interviews, but there will be some focus on education. A likely question will be “if your teacher assistant role works out, do you envisage becoming a teacher?” in answer to this question, you should look to illustrate what you see as being the key elements of a teaching job – how you think they can be developed in a teacher assistant’s post. In a teacher assistant interview, the most important thing to demonstrate is a devotion to education.

It is worth perusing a sample teaching job interview or two before you go to the job. Get a feel for the subject areas to address and then develop your approach to those topics.

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