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Teaching Interview SkillsTeacher job interviews are the point at which all of our ambitions to a certain job come together and crystallize in one place, where we can give the performance of our life and emerge with the job, or fail to really get going and end up without the job. Our teacher interview answers need work if we are to ensure ourselves a shot at the job which, in many cases, we have dreamed of doing since we were very young. Honing your abilities is necessary before such time as you walk into a teaching job interview, and the best way to hone your teaching interview skills is to practice before the big day arrives. Recommends you to Download “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide to ace the interview where hundreds of candidates compete for the same teaching job.

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The Most Important Teaching Interview Skills

It is essential to remember that getting a teaching job relies on your entire recruitment process being as good as it can be, from training through application to interview. Without a decent resume and covering letter it is hard to get a secondary teaching interview, and even if you do the best teaching interview skills imaginable will not get you the job if someone else performs equally well. But there are definitely things you can work on to make sure your answers to teacher interview questions put you in the forefront of the interviewers’ minds. Making sure you have the key teaching interview skills covered will give you the best chance of winning the job.

Your teaching interview skills plan should involve making sure you are at your best in terms of:

  • Explaining Yourself. If you can convince the panel that you are worth considering – not by telling them, but by showing evidence in your personal qualities that you are – then you stand a good chance. If you can make a persuasive case that you know how to communicate, they’ll believe you can do the same in a classroom. This is where teaching skills and teaching interview skills meet.
  • Recovery. We’ve all been in a situation where we are under scrutiny, and made a mistake. We’re human, and humans make errors no matter the preparation – that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It is how you respond to the error that really matters. One of the most important teaching interview skills is your recovery abilities. Having made a little faux pas in a teaching interview, can you turn it around and while acknowledging the mistake show that it hasn’t cowed you?
  • Presentation. Presentation in an interview does not just come down to your suit being ironed and your hair being brushed – although it certainly helps. One of the best interview tips for teachers is as follows: presentation is also in how you answer a question, how you speak, smile and make eye contact. The interview panel will be looking to visualize you in front of a class. Make it easier by using your teaching interview skills to look like a teacher.
  • Humility. You don’t have to show pathetic levels of gratitude for the fact that the interview panel have deigned to invite you to their Art teacher interview. What you do need to do is demonstrate a knowledge of the fact that you aren’t perfect – but are aware that you would be an asset. One of the key teaching interview skills is the ability to appear confident without appearing arrogant.

These are just some of the major teaching interview skills that will help you get the job. There are others, but these four are an excellent place to start.

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