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For any employer, it is important to select the right people to do the important things within a company. This can be difficult, as the application and interview process only offer a limited overview of what the candidate can do for the company once employed.

Nonetheless, as long as you answer certain questions about your own selection process before it begins, you can cut out expensive mistakes and get a good, cohesive workforce in place without undue delay. The questions are as follows.

How To Appraise An Employee: How valuable are academic qualifications? How important is experience? Many employers make the mistake of hiring and paying a large salary to an Ivy League graduate because they have graduated from a good school – but being successful in business requires a different skill set. Nonetheless, there is also the fact that someone with little experience can bring fresh, beneficial ideas to the table.

How To Start An Interview: Any candidate will come into an interview with a mix of emotions. They may be somewhat nervous, somewhat bullish, uncertain what to expect and curious about how you will approach the interview yourself. In any case, starting the interview is about putting the candidate somewhat at their ease. This is when you will learn the most about them – do they thrive or do they get complacent?

How To Plan A Recruitment Advertisement: This is where it all starts – if you want to get the right field of candidates, a lot depends on how you set out what you are looking for. You should always include the salary for the post – most job hunters will skip past advertisements that do not contain that information. But don’t make it too cluttered – the job title, a few of the requirements and a contact number/email address for further information and applications. That’s all you need.

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